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Bet David is proud to be part of the Shabbat Around the World initiative broadcasting the Kabbalat Shabbat service this Friday, 1 April from the Bet David Synagogue.

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Important COVID-19 Update
Bet David has now opened its doors for in person attendance at weekly and  festival services. For your safety and that of other  congregants and staff  members of Bet David, please take careful note of the  following: Only congregants who are vaccinated, either fully or partially will be permitted on site. Temperature taking and registration for tracing will be    completed on entry to the synagogue.  Anyone with a  temperature of 37.4° or more will not be granted access to the synagogue. Social distancing in the synagogue to be adhered to.   Masks to be worn at all times.

The management committee of Bet David looks  forward to welcoming you as we return to in–person attendance at services

How to create a sacred space at home. Read our little guide here.

Bet David is a sacred community which recognises that every individual is created “Bezelem Elohim” – in the image of God. Inspired by the tenets of Progressive Judaism, we are a place of Jewish worship, learning and assembly; a gathering place to promote the spiritual and educational welfare of our members in a non-judgemental environment. Our focus is to build a caring inclusive community, designed to welcome individuals and families of various Jewish lifestyles, family structures and needs.

Founded in 1971, Congregation Bet David is a Progressive Jewish congregation. Bet David is a warm, welcoming, and inclusive congregation that invites individuals and families of all observance levels to worship and learn with us.

At Bet David, you will find a community that is as vibrant and evolving as you are. You’ll discover a diverse congregation engaged in social issues, culture and learning – a congregation rediscovering Jewish values that give meaning and provide a strong foundation to face the challenges of contemporary life.

We invite you to browse our website and see the wonderful things we offer for both members and non-members alike for Sandton’s Jewish Community.

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