Rabbi Elisheva Salomo to deliver sermon

During the Shabbat morning service, 7 November,  guest Rabbi Elisheva Salamo will deliver a sermon  entitled:  Laughter, Tears, and the Mouth That Cannot Speak: Vayera on the Persistence of Hope. 

“This week’s Torah portion is filled with amazing stories – not always ones we like! Cities are annihilated, rulers are mislead, children are (almost) sacrificed. Amidst the pain we rejoice in new life and prepare for the next generation to connect in a special way to the Divine. We will look at the spiritual and cultural shifts intertwined in the lives of the first family: Abraham, Sarah, Hagar, Ishmael and Isaac, and how they drive the characters towards the creation of a new (and holier) society.“

To read about Rabbi Elisheva, please follow link to her website: https://www.rabbielishevasalamo.com/

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