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2015-08-29 08.39.40The mission of the Life Long Jewish Learning Program at Bet David is to passionately and actively facilitate all aspects of Jewish learning for the Bet David community and to help Bet David remain a local and national leader in Progressive Jewish education, in concert with the goals of the Progressive movement, through rabbinic led, lay led, and outside guest-led lectures and programs. We are here to promote Jewish Living through Jewish Learning.

Weekly Torah Study before the Shabbat morning service

On the request of many members, we have started gatherings for breakfast on Saturdays at 08.45, followed by in-depth debate about the weekly Torah portion. The breakfast Shiurim (study sessions) take place weekly, led by Rabbi Schell. The shiurim are open for all, no background knowledge is required.


Handouts of past Shiurim:

The Prayers of the High Holy Days:
Rosh HaShanah-Handout
Yom Kippur-Handout
Handout Rituals

The Prayers of our Siddur
1 Handout – Basic elements of the Synagogue Service
The Amidah
2 Handout – Basic elements of the Amidah
3 Handout – Amidah II Blessings 2-3
4 Handout – Amidah IIa Blessings 2-3
5 Handout – Amidah III Kedusha
6 Handout – Amidah IV Blessings of Petition I
7 Handout – Amidah V Blessings of Petition 2
8 Handout – Amidah VI Blessings of Petition 3
9 Handout – Amidah VII Shabbat and the concluding blessings
Shmah and its prayers
10 Basic Elements of the Shmah and its prayers
11 Blessing before the Shmah – Evening
12 Blessing before the Shmah (Morning)
13 the Shmah I
14 The Shma II15 Blessings after the Shma I

Streams of Judaism, Texts

Shiur on YK

Please see our calendar and news page for regular classes or special events.