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Tag: Naso

Parashat Naso: May God bless you and keep you

Our Torah portion for this week is the source of the so-called “Birkat Kohanim” – the priestly blessing: “May God bless you and keep you,  may God’s face shine upon you and be gracious to you,  may God lift up God’s face to you and give you peace.” It’s...

Let’s Share a blessing

One constant theme in Shabbat observance across time and territory is the centrality of home life with family members and guests.  Preparation for Shabbat begins as early as mid-week in some households, and its arrival is marked by the spiritual illumination of a candle-lighting ceremony. Family meals are occasions for singing, studying,...

Parashat Naso: It’s not my fault!

by Monica Solomon Being in business these are words I hear almost daily.  Certainly if they are not said, they are implied.  It seems that it is really difficult for people to own up to their mistakes, and to take responsibility for the consequences.  And when one tells the...