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Tag: Rosh HaShanah

New Year’s greetings from the Chairman

Dear congregants, A new year is around the corner and we have once again arrived at the time that we contemplate the past and the future. The last year has been hectic with non-stop developments at Bet David, in South Africa and the world as a whole. How do...

Your book of life

YOUR BOOK OF LIFE doesn’t begin … on Rosh HaShanah. It began when you were born. Some of the chapters were written by other people: your parents, siblings, and teachers. Parts of your book were crafted out of experiences you had because of other people’s decisions: where you lived, what...

Take the choices into our one hands

The Torah declares: “Surely, this instruction which I enjoin upon you this day is not too baffling for you, nor is it beyond reach. It is not in the heavens, that you should say, ‘Who among us can go up to the heavens and get it for us and...