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Interested in Progressive Judaism? Come visit and see what we have to offer. Bet David is a warm and welcoming community located in Morningside, Sandton. We invite you to worship with us!

A congregational community accords the sacred privilege of participation in one another’s lives. We at Bet David have understood this for more than 40 years. We welcome new lives through birth. We celebrate marriage. We confront illness and loss. We do these things together. The knowledge that we are not alone imbues our experiences with meaning.

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Bet David has much to offer in terms of worship, activities, community involvement, camaraderie, diversity, and a deep and abiding connection to the past, present, and future of Judaism. Find out how Bet David and you can fit together.

If you are a member of Johannesburg’s Jewish community and find that a progressive interpretation of our faith resonates with you, Bet David can be your home. We are proud that our congregational family includes men and women irrespective of age, marital or family status, faith tradition of origin, or financial means. We welcome the LGBT community, those with special needs, young professionals, and seniors. Interfaith families have a place with us as well. Ours is a sacred community predicated on the belief that meaning can be found through this—a body of individuals dedicated to a progressive Jewish life.

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