Machaneh Kol HaNeshama

About Machaneh Kol HaNeshama We’ve all sung it once or twice in shul, the Hallelujah, ending off with “Kol HaNeshama Te Hallel Ya”, (“let everything that has a breath, praise the Lord.”) If you were to read up about it, well, you would find so many translations, theories and ideas. It could be the voice within every living being, it could be all the living praise g-d, and it could simply be all of the soul.

So why would we choose this as a camp name and what does it even mean? The translation we have chosen to mostly identify with is, “All of the soul”, not only because we are so very proud of our Judaism and the individual souls that we have been given but also because we loved the double meaning hidden in this sentence. For those of you who don’t know much about Netzer, we are the youth movement that caters to everyone, every soul. We are weird, we are intelligent, we like to be barefoot, we like to organise, we sing, we dance, we read and we play. No one is too different, too Jewish, not Jewish enough, ‘too’ anything for us! All the singular souls connect and we create one very special and very unique Netzer-soul. In an effort to remain true to ourselves and our channichim, we have chosen a camp name that encompasses them all. It does help that we can also play on the meaning of the word ‘soul’ and make this a funky, groovy, fun loving Netzer camp that everyone knows and loves.

Throughout the year, our educational goals have included the efforts to show our channichim how to be Jews in the 21st century, allowing them to explore their yiddishkeit and inspiring them to be who they are. Not only is Kol HaNeshama about praise for Hashem and a celebration of Progressive Judasim but it is also a celebration of those who give us a purpose to do what we do; the channichim. I look forward to having each and every chanich/a on our campsite enjoying, learning, growing and embracing their inner-funk! Let us all raise our voices in celebration of ourselves, our community and our gorgeous children.

Here’s to a groovy, funky, soul filled machaneh!

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