Shabbat Shekalim @ Bet David

It is again Family-Kabbalat-Shabbat-Time at Bet David. Please join us on Friday for this special service. The service includes the February Birthday blessings. On Saturday our parallel Yoga-Service takes place in the upper classroom. Please bring with yoga mats if you have your own, water bottles, a towel and ‘comfy’ clothes. This month, the yoga will be taken by Dr Marianne Felix.

Friday 24 February – 18:00 FAMILY Kabbalat Shabbat service includes February Birthday blessings. Chocolates sponsored by Yonatan Fine; Light PIZZA supper follows sponsored by Jason Hoff and Thalia Miltiadou in honour of Lilah’s 4th birthday; No Kids’ Club.

Saturday 25 February – 08:30 Cheder; 08.45 Torah Breakfast; 10:00 Regular Shabbat Morning Service 10.00 Parallel Yoga-Shabbat Service followed by a b’rachah (sponsors welcome); 10:00 Youth activities with Kendyll.



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