The AGM of March 2017 brought a major change in the leadership of Bet David. After 11 years being chairman, Desmond Sweeke was not running for Chairman again. At the AGM he presented for the last time his chairman’s report, including a review of the last years, and his achievements during this time.

The 2017 committee consists of: Brett Steingo, Eric Milner, Gail Scheuble, Geoff van Flymen, Gerald Sobel, Jenny Correia, Mike Eliason, Roger Scheuble, Steven Solomon and Theresa Sobel. Desmond continues to serve Bet David as a member of the Bet David Trust.

At their constitutive meeting on Wednesday, 19 April, the  new ManCom voted in the new executive; chair, vice chair and treasurer as follows:

Chairperson: Eric Milner

Eric Milner has lived in Johannesburg his entire life, except for 3 years he spent in Israel as a child. Eric has obtained the degrees of BA, LLB, LLM as well as various other qualifications and is admitted as an Advocate of the High Court. Eric is the managing director of a multidisciplinary financial practice in Bryanston. Eric had his Bar Mitzvah at the Northcliff Hebrew Congregation in 1981 and joined Bet David with his wife Antoinette in 2000. Their son Aiden had his Bar Mitzvah at Bet David in 2016. Eric reads extensively and enjoys playing tennis and somewhat less successfully golf. Eric has been elected as the chairperson of Bet David and is looking forward to working with Rabbi Schell and the management committee to enhance the Jewish experience at Bet David.

Vice Chairperson: Steven Solomon
I was born in Bulawayo, went to cheder at Bet Menorah in Pretoria and celebrated my Barmitzvah at Temple Israel. I went to three camps; one Habonim and two Alan Isaacs. In my teens I was a member of Shalomniks which was the youth movement at Temple Shalom.

Together with my wife we own two wholesale businesses servicing the hardware and motor spares trades. We established the business forty years ago.

My main pastime was motorsport where I won a regional championship as a driver. I was also active as an administrator and was chairman of the Board of Motor Sport South Africa. I also presided over a number of Commissions. I was instrumental in initiating two championships which were world firsts. These were regularity rallies for blind navigators and for motorcycles.

Treasurer: Geoff Van Flymen

Hon Life President: Trevor Egnal z. L.

Bet David Kehillah Committee 2017:; Antonio Coreejes; Michelle Eliason; Lalie Gerber; Myrna Margo;  Cynthia Rosen; Lesley Rosenberg; Gail Scheublḗ; Lesley Shipton; Molly Smith; Marilyn Trujillo; Jean Weinstein.