An evening for Bet David

Last Saturday night (10 Feb) we celebrated the official opening of the Bet David Campus. The occasion was an opportunity to celebrate with all who have helped to achieve this extraordinary milestone in our congregation‘s life and to set us upon the next stage of our journey. This was also an occasion for celebration, laughter and fun together as a community.

The wise words of our Rabbi Emeritus, Rabbi Avidan on Friday evening followed by the festive service on Saturday morning, during which Jodi and her children were formally welcomed into the covenant, provided the backdrop for the festivities.

The night started with Havdalah followed by the affixing of the Mezuzah at our Shul’s door by Rabbi Schell. Messages of congratulation were read out from our sister congregations, the SAAPR and other well-wishers. A special thank you to Beit Emanuel for the wonderful gift, a set of Rimonim (Torah crowns).  The delicious food, festive music and buoyant atmosphere ensured that a good time was enjoyed by all.

Thank you to all who have made donations towards the shul and buildings, sponsored the dinner and prizes and to those who bought raffle tickets. Your support helps to provide Bet David with the resources to pursue our mission to serve the community, our families and future generations.

I conclude by repeating my words from Saturday night. The job is only half done. The Bet David
community has been gifted a marvellous shul and campus for us to use. It is now up to us to strengthen the ties of our community and to build upon our enduring bonds of friendship and camaraderie.

I invite you all to join me, the Rabbi, the Mancom and the trustees of Bet David in our continuing
journey towards making the shul an ever expanding, inclusive and caring religious community.

Eric Milner, Chairman


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