Bet David in December

Holiday Schedule

Services will be held every Shabbat at 18.00 on Friday and 09.30 on Shabbat mornings. At this time of year, your presence as part of the  congregation helps ensure a Minyan.

Office closure during holiday period:

Bet David offices will be closed for the Public Holiday on 16/12/2019  and for the summer break from Wednesday, 24/12/2019 to Wednesday, 01/01/2020.  Emergency contact—076-4486672 (SMS/WhatsApp only)

Are you travelling over the holiday season?  

Please visit our sister congregations in Durban, Port Elizabeth, East London & Cape Town, and/or get the WUPJ App to find a  Progressive
Congregation world-wide:

 Reminder of Important Security Tips when the lights go out or you are travelling:

Over the past week we have seen an increase from stage 2 to stage 4 and now to stage 6 load shedding. This situation should not be taken lightly and the correct preparations should be made.

The cellular networks have proven to be very unstable during load
shedding in many of our areas. Even once the power returns, the networks tend to remain unreliable for a while afterwards. Try and ensure that you have family members or friends with different cell networks available so that you can utilize whichever one is still operational.

Make an effort to keep your phone’s battery and a portable power pack as fully charged as possible at all times. If you have a landline, it will not be affected by power cuts, however check to see that it does in fact work
during an outage as many landline phones do require electricity.

Always ensure that your panic buttons and alarm systems are fully functional. Remember to check that the battery backup is working and will last for the duration of the outage.

When the lights go out and/or you leave for your well deserved vacation, ensure that all doors, security gates and windows are locked properly. Criminals may capitalise on the opportunity presented by load shedding and vacations. And don’t forget:

· Set lighting (timer) and your home security system

· Remove any objects that could allow a break in (ladders, trashcans, etc.)

· Notify a trusted neighbour that you will be leaving

· Don’t Tip Off Criminals—don’t post on social media that you are away

· Stop delivery of packages

· Remove any keys hidden around the property

CSO 24 Hour Emergency 086 18 000 18 / Hatzolah  0860 100 101

Wishing you all a wonderful December break whether you are here in  Johannesburg or travelling the world.

Have a safe travel and/or time at home

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