Celebrate Purim at Bet David

Purim Flyer - Website Join Bet David and Beit Emanuel for a fun all generations Purim party on 01 March at 10.00. Come in fancy dress, depicting Purim characters or a costume of your choice. Prizes will be awarded for the best-dressed children and adults. Netzer is organising games for your children, and much, much more.

There will also be a Talent Show and everyone is invited to present an item!

The party takes place in the Rondavel at Bet David and is compulsory for Religion School learners and their families.

A shul service with the reading of the Megillah will be on Wednesday evening, 04 March at 18.00. Electronic flyers are being emailed for both events in February. Please RSVP to admin2@betdavid.org.za or call the office.