Community News

This week’s community news are a big THANK YOU to all who donated towards the Kehillah Omer Project. Toda Raba! Your support enables Kehillah to keep their feeding scheme running, feeding nearly 200 kids every school day.

  • Madeleine & Carol Hicklin
  • Theresa & Gerald Sobel
  • Stephen & Myrna Margo
  • Adrianne Yates
  • Ruth Wallach
  • Simon Dimant
  • Rabbi Adrian & Chayim Schell
  • Gail Saul
  • Antonio Coreejes
  • Brett & Vanessa Steingo
  • Barry & Val Sinclair
  • Deborah Isaacs
  • Louise Isaacs
  • Len & Lali Gerber
  • Cynthia Rosen
  • Jean Weinstein
  • Margaret Fish
  • Tally Farber
  • John Brittan
  • The Alexander Family
  • Roger & Gail Scheuble
  • Les & Sid Cohn
  • The Borstein Family
  • Claire Milson & Greg Meyerowitz
  • Marilyn & Peter Trujillo
  • Jason, Cameron, Olivia and Helen Pretorius
  • Candice Smith
  • Tanya Meyerowitz
  • Anonymous

If we have omitted any names, please inform the office as we one of the sign up sheets did go missing and we would love to acknowledge your donation.

The next food collection for the feeding scheme is Sunday 2 July  at PnP South Road and Morningside. To help for about one hour call Lesley 083 2366823.




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