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Bet David Congregants are invited to participate in a Brainstorming Session. The purpose of the session is to identify opportunities we can explore and find solutions to areas of concern. The Bet David Mancom would appreciate your participation. If you would like to participate, please RSVP and forward matters you would like addressed to . At the session, we will prioritise which matters to “brainstorm”.

Venue: Bet David Temporary Shul, Date & Time: Wednesday, 8 February 2017 at 18:00

Desmond Sweke: Chairman Bet David

 Hebrew Ulpan (Class) at Bet David

Meeting Monday 06 February at 18:30 at Bet David for all those who are interested in attending the Hebrew Ulpan. 

Rina Vissoker is offering a Hebrew Ulpan for everyone who wants to improve their Hebrew. If enough people are interested, Rina will run a beginner and a more advanced class. The class will be on Monday evenings at Bet David and will run approx. 12 weeks. Classes start in February. If you like to join the programme, please advise the office on and indicate your level of Hebrew.

Gabbaim, Bimah Duty and Service Leader Seminar

Following up some requests, Rabbi Schell is offering a Sunday seminar for everyone who likes to take on a more active role in the service.

In the seminar we will go through every part of the service and see what we have to do and how and why. This will be a hands-on seminar, meaning that everyone has the chance to practise also the important steps, such as “Doing Hagba’ah” or “How to take out the Scrolls?”. How to help with the Torah reading, how to call up people for an Aliyah and some of the choreography of the service will be explained.

We should allow us some time to discuss questions such as “How to prepare the service on the day?”, “How to welcome new people?”, “Whom can I give which honour?”, and much more.  Basic Hebrew knowledge is a big help, but not necessary for all parts.

The daylong seminar will be held on 19 February from 10.00 to 16.00 in the Shul.

Please RSVP to Rabbi Schell ( if you like to take part.

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