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Mitzvah Day

Thank you to all the 30 members and friends of Bet David who joined the SAUPJ Gauteng on Mitzvah Day to clean the Wall of Remembrance and “Still-born” area at West Park Cemetery. Your support made a big difference—44 bags full!
(See Group Picture).







A “Thank you “ from the Rabbi

“I‘d like to thank all those members who have contributed to and lead the wonderful services during my leave. It feels good to know that we have very capable lay leaders in our congregation. I would also like to include Netzer into this thank you. It is very different to lead a service in the formal setting of a shul, compared to the camp. That we, as a congregation, have been able to provide Netzer the chance and the safe space to make these experiences is worth an extra “thank you” to all of you. “

Rabbi Schell

Mazal Tov
  • To Jaime Franklin and the Franklin family on Jaime’s Bar Mitzvah this Shabbat.
  • To Louis Myberg, grandfather of Tayba Vaughan who is celebrating his 90th birthday in Cape Town.
  • To Martin and Sylvia Borstein on the birth of a granddaughter, Ella Rose, in August.
Thank you
  • To Sharon Ellwood for sponsoring the l’chaim on Friday in honour of her birthday on 1 December.
  • Apologies to Merle Oshry for the typo last week, her recent yahrzeit donation was in memory of Walter Isaacs.
  • Apologies to Carol Kramer for the typo last week, her recent yahrzeit donation in memory of Trevor Kramer and Bernard (Boundy) Kramer.
  • To Len Gronemann for the yahrzeit donation in memory of his brother, Robin Gronemann.
  • To Cynthia Rosen for the yahrzeit donation in memory of her mother, Maude Gordon.
  • To Sylvia Borstein for the yahrzeit donation in memory of her parents, Yetta and Benjamin Barwin.
  • To Barbie & Len Davis, Jaime’s grandparents for sponsoring the brocha this Saturday in honour of his Bar Mitzvah.



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