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Pessach @ Bet David

Join your Bet David family for two special sederim this year. On the second night (31.3.), we will have our taditional Communal Seder, led by Rabbi Schell. On Sunday, 1 April, all our children are invited to take part in our Children‘s Seder.

If you have an extra seat at your seder table on the first night of Pesach (30.3.), or if you are looking for a seder to attend, please email, and we will try to make the match.

Information about all our sederim and our “Pesach match-making“ are available on our website (, and/or can be obtained from the Shul office.

Pesach Festival—Schedule 2018
  • Friday 30 March:
    * Erev Shabbat and Erev Pesach festival service (18:00)
    Saturday 31 March:
    * Shabbat and Festival morning service (10:00)
    * Communal Seder (18:00 for 18:30, little Shul)
  • Sunday 1 April
    * Children’s seder (15:00, Youth centre)
  • Thursday 5 April
    * Erev Pesach 7th day Festival service (18:00)
  • Friday 6 April
    * Pesach 7th day Festival service (10:00)
  • End of Pesach
    * Pesach ends 6 April at nightfall (18:35; progressive Minhag,
    orthodox communities celebrate Pesach for another day)

All services are being held at Bet David

  • Office closed for public holidays on 21, 30 March and 2 April.



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