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Last weekend‘s Shavuot celebrations were festive, joyful and filled with many highlights. Thank you to all who contributed to its success.

Danny Adeno Abebe gave a brilliant talk on his journey from a little village in Ethiopia, where he was born, to Israel, and the many challenges he and his family had to face to reach Jerusalem, the city of their dreams.

Theresa Sobel and Hester Hollander excelled in the morning service, leading parts of the service and reading from the Torah. Over the past months, they have been part of our adult BaMi programme and we hope that many more will follow their wonderful example.

Congratulations to Hester who also won the cheesecake competition.

More photos from Shavuot can be found  on our Facebook group for Bet David members:

  • Kehillah‘s Omer Drive donations – Thank you all for your outstanding support:

Cynthia Rosen, Martin Rosen, Gail Scheuble, Roger Scheuble, Steven Margo, Myrna Margo, Rabbi Adrian Schell, Dr Chayim Schell, Lesley Rosenberg, Giddy Lief, Len and Lali Gerber, Marilyn Trujillo, Peter Trujillo, Helen Trujillo Pretorius, Jason Pretorius, Cameron Pretorius, Olivia Pretorius, Ashton Pretorius, Chinumezi Mokone, Glynnis Kanar, Johan Grobler (Nerds on Site), Sid and Les Cohn, Adelaide Ruiters, “Lolo”, Barry and Val Sinclair, Ron and Michelle Klipin , “Food Box”, Theresa Sobel, Gerald Sobel, Thomas Greef, Deborah Isaacs, Antonio Coreejes , Lauren Hillidge and Daniel Shalem, Peter and Carol Alexander , Anonymous, Karen Bass, Matthew & Nathalie Myers in honour of their baby daughter Sadie.


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