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Dear Friends and Bet David community:

Thank You. Thank you to all of you who came to the Rosh HaShanah services and thank you for the many positive feedbacks, especially  with regard to our wonderful choir.

Thank you to all our volunteers, the shamasim, the gabbaim team, the security team, our staff at Bet David, the High Holy Day Committee and ManCom.

I feel privileged to have led you in the Rosh HaShanah services and commend those who came up to read before the community.

I am looking forward to a very special Yom Kippur and Sukkot in our Shul.

כְּתִיבָה וַחֲתִימָה טוֹבָה

May your sealing into the book of life be confirmed
Rabbi Adrian M. Schell



Time to sign up for Netzer’s end of year Machaneh ‘Adama V’Shamayim (Heaven and Earth). Further details can be found on the flyer or  on our website
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