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There are Jews out there……

It is a statistic that of all the Jews in and around Johannesburg, only 50% are affiliated to any Jewish organisation – whether a shul or service organisation such as B’nai Brith, etc.

We have a beautiful new shul in a delightful surround and happily will welcome new members.

So, we suggest that each of our members try to enrol ONE such person as a member. There must be several such persons in one’s immediate circle: nephew, cousin, work colleague and so forth.  One can invite such person to a Shabbat evening or morning service, just to try it out and enjoy a b’rachah with us.

If there is a financial problem, our Treasurer will talk privately to them, to be helpful.

If every member can enrol one such new member, it will be a wonderful boost to our shul, and a benefit to such person and the community at

So please do your best!  David Woolf

Request for expression of interest – Coffee Shop

Bet David is looking at the feasibility of opening a coffee shop using the Kitchen and Brocha area. If you are interested or know of any person or business who is interested please email to discuss this further.

Bar Bat Mitzvahs for children born 2006 and 2007 

We are currently scheduling 2019 and 2020 Bar & Bat Mitzvahs.  Parents should please contact Glynnis

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