Groundbreaking for the new Bet David campus

GroundbrakingAs seen in this photograph, Tuesday 9 February was a historic day with the groundbreaking for the new Bet David campus. The platforms for the new buildings are being cut this week. This has necessitated the change of entrance to Bet David to where the new entrance will be in the future. We are preserving as many of the existing trees and as much of the existing vegetation as possible. In the coming week, excavations will be made for engineering services and the storm water system.

Read more about the Campus Project here:

Security Information and Update

Due to the construction work on our campus and the current situation internationally and particularly in South Africa we updating our security protocol. Congregants are asked to please display their Bet David parking stickers on their windscreens.  This will make it much easier for vehicles to enter the shul grounds and for the security guards to do their job.  Those members who do not have parking stickers, should please make urgent arrangements with the office to get stickers.

“Remember, never allow a person/people whom you don’t know to enter the shul with you. If someone suspicious wants to come into the shul with you, report it to the shul security or to the CSO on 0861800018 immediately.”

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