Let’s Talk Tacheles: Is vegetarianism the new kosher for tomorrow?

Eating Kosher  ?!
Do we have a moral duty to be vegetarian?

Guest speaker: Prof. David Bilchitz
Shabbat, 4 May @ 12.00

Is eating meat morally wrong? – Is vegetarian a way of Kosher of tomorrow? David Bilchitz thinks so, and will persuade you to become vegetarian.  Or not?

Many people love and care for our companion animals yet when it comes to the dinner table forget our ethics in relation to other creatures.  Unfortunately, today, the conditions in which animals are raised for food do not meet basic standards of compassion or humanity. This talk will explore the question: from both a perspective of universal and Jewish ethics, what are our obligations towards other animals when we consider what to eat? Come and discuss this important question which affects everyone of our lives and those of countless animals.

David Bilchitz is Professor of Fundamental Rights and Constitutional Law at the University of Johannesburg. He is Secretary-General of the International Association of Constitutional Law. He has been chair of Limmud Inter-national. He has been a regular at Bet David, and has served our congregation as a lay leader several times.


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