To become a member of Bet David is to join a group of Progressive Jews with one foot in our faith’s traditions and the other stepping forward into the future. We at Bet David place a high value on service to one another, the Progressive Jewish Community, and the world at large. We take seriously the admonition that it should be our aim to repair our fractured world.

Bet David places no value on your income, sexual orientation, physical abilities, faith tradition of origin, gender, gender expression or identity, or marital status. Simply put, we welcome all within the progressive Jewish community—whether one was born into a Jewish family or chose the faith—who share the values we espouse. At Bet David we try to be gender sensitive and inclusive, please guide us in the way you want to be addressed.

Within Bet David, our rabbi guides us spiritually and helps us through all the stages of our lives, from youth through adulthood. They help us celebrate all the good things – including simchas such as marriages – as well as assisting us in managing life’s obstacles like illness. Our Religion School help mould our youth. And our community—each and every member of it—offers support, growth, intellectual stimulation, fellowship, and fun.

Those interested in membership are always welcome (and encouraged!) to pay us a visit in person. Please contact Glynnis for further details. We are happy to welcome you.