New Youth Worker for Bet David

KendyllIn the past few month we have thought about different ways to do more for the children and young adults in our congregation. One way has been the family services and activities of our Rabbis and the children services run by David Woolf on Shabbat morning. Both have been successful steps in the right direction, but we thought we could do more. Thanks to a very generous initial donation from one of our congregants, we are able to start something very exciting and new for Bet David. By hiring a full time youth worker we can uplift our activities to a complete new scale, and with Kendyll Jacobson, we have found the perfect person for this new approach. In the coming few weeks you will all have the chance to meet Kendyll and to learn more about our plans. Please welcome with us Kendyll to our Bet David family.


I’m Kendyll Jacobson, the new youth worker here at Bet David.

Before I tell you just how excited I am to be working with the children of Bet David, let me tell you a bit about myself.

I was born and raised in Durban by a family who have always emphasized the importance of community work. For most of the 20 years of my life I have participated in the Jewish community, most recently having been the youth worker for the KwaZulu Natal Zionist Council for two and a half years.

Moving to Joburg is an important part of my journey to continue giving back to the youth of the Jewish community.

My excitement levels about becoming a part of the Bet David family are sky high as I am finally able to focus my attention and resources on the Progressive Youth who so rightfully deserve it.

I have also been a part of the Mazkirut (National Executive) of Netzer SA since 2013 and am entering my third year as Mazkirah (National Chairman) for the movement.

Youth empowerment and education are two concepts I have decided to devote my life to and I hope that by working with everyone at Bet David, I will be able to make a change in all the children’s lives as much as I know they do in mine.

So here is to 2016 being the year of the youth at Bet David and in general! I thank you all in advance for the support I know I will receive and please know that I am always available for any requests, feedback and/or conversation. If you want to reach me, my email address is

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