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All our services are streamed live from the shul to YouTube: using to link
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Bet David Live Stream (Should the website give an error message, just click on ‘watch on youtube’ inside the frame to see it though):

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2 Replies to “Bet David online”

  1. drorrie aitan

    who good morning friends, i’m a friend of carol and bret miller who i feel blest to have living near me in nahariya israel. yesterday i got the link to your services and i must say: i enjoyed being a part of yesterdays shachrit. to the reform shool here and we do not meet on shabat morning wich is some thing i miss very much. a nother thing i’d like to thank you for, is an accessible and friendly site you have. as i’m totally blind and i found it so easy and refreshing to go over this site of yours. i’m looking forwids to keeping in tuch with your congregation, if by e-mail and your news letter and if by joining your study groups. please keep me up dated with your news. shavua tov full of magic, drorrie ibelong i’m was blessed blest

  2. Jenna Einhorn

    Dear Rabbi, for many years we have not been able to go to shul. We were members at Beit Emmanuel. We live in Sandton & could not fight traffic etc to Killarney on Friday evenings. We are 2 ladies over 60 years of age & wonder if we could attend your shul? Are you still down South Road? Or did that big church take over the ground? Please can you let me know. Regards, Jenna Einhorn

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