Pesach Schedule 5776/2016

PESACH 5776/2016

Friday 22 April – 18.00 Erev Shabbat and Festival Evening Service 1st Day of Pesach; 18.00 Bet David Kids’ Club

Saturday 23 April10.00 Shabbat and Festival Morning Service 1st Day of Pesach, followed by a b’rachah in the Rondavel (sponsors welcome); Please note that there won’t be Children and Youth Activities this Shabbat morning.

18.00/18.30 Bet David Communal Seder (by prior reservation) in the Rondavel

Sunday 24 April – 15.00 Children’s Pesach Chocolate Seder

Thursday 28 April – 18.00 Festival Evening Service 7th Day of Pesach

Friday 29 April10.00 Festival Morning Service 7th Day of Pesach

Please note: According to the Progressive tradition, we do not have an 8th Day of Pesach. Therefore, Pesach ends on Friday 29 April at 18h14.

Pesach Edition of our Newsletter, including the Omer Counting Schedule: AdKan 22-23 April 2016 PESACH 5776

Pesach Greetings from Bet David

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