Shabbat Beha’alotecha @ Bet David

Join us  for two beautiful services at Bet David this Shabbat, and please diarise the upcoming events at our Shul:

  • Friday 09 June:
    *Kabbalat Shabbat Service (18:00)
    *Kids’ Club (18:00)
  • Saturday 10 June:
    *Cheder (8:30)
    *Torah breakfast (8:45)
    *Shabbat Morning
    Service (10:00)
    *Youth service and activities (10:00)

Sunday Talk & Tea (2 July)
Please note the June Talk & Tea with Roger Scheuble (scheduled for 11 June) has been postponed until 2 July.

It’s Machaneh time again
July is Winter-Camp time, and all Kids and Teens (grade 7 to 12) are invited to join our camp. This year we will run the camp together with Netzer for even more fun and exciting activities. Ask Kendyll for more information.


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