Shabbat Beha’alotecha @ Bet David

2016-06-12 07.44.43Join us this Friday for a happy Family Kabbalat Shabbat Service, followed by a light Supper with Pizza sponsored by Jackie Meltz in honour of his birthday.

The service starts at 18.00 in the Synagogue.

And this is our program for Saturday, 18 June
08.30 Cheder (End of Term 2);
08.45 Torah Breakfast with Rabbi Schell;
10.00 Shabbat Morning Service; followed by a brachah sponsored by Abe Brinkman in honour of his birthday;
10.00 Children’s Service and Activities with Kendyll (Youth Centre/Garden)

Read more about the upcoming events in our Newsletter: AdKan 17-18 June 2016 Behaalotecha

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