Shabbat B’midbar and Shavuot @ Bet David

Join us for a long weekend of celebration and joy. We start the weekend with our Family service on Friday, followed by a light (pizza) supper. On Shabbat morning we offer again our parallel Yoga service.

Erev Shavuot with our traditional cheesecake competition, bring and share supper, and the night of learning is on Tuesday 30 May. Please advise the office if you are able to bring a vegetarian or milk dish to share. The festival morning service is Wednesday 31 May.
Rabbi Schell will present a session on “10 x 10 x 10 famous quotes from the Tanach (Bible) x Talmud x and Maimonides.“
If YOU would like to present a topic/session during the Shavuot night of learning, please contact the Rabbi.


  • Friday 26 May:    Family Kabbalat Shabbat Service and May birthday blessings (18:00) followed by a light (pizza) supper.
  • Saturday 27 May: *Cheder (8:30) *Torah breakfast (8:45) *Shabbat Morning Service and parallel Yoga- Shabbat service (10:00) * Youth service & activities (10:00)


  • Tuesday 30 May: *Shavuot service (18.00) cheesecake competition and night of learning *Kids’ Movie Night after cheesecake competition
  • Wednesday 31 May: *Shavuot service (10.00) at Bet David, followed by a Brocha (sponsors welcome)

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