Shabbat Emor @ Bet David

Another wonderful Shabbat is just in front of us. Join us for meaningful services, learning and a “good time together”.  This year there are two options for celebrating Lag Ba’Omer at one of our sister congregations – at Beit Emanuel in Parktown or Bet Menorah in Pretoria, both on Saturday, 13 May at 18.00.

  • Friday 12 May:
    *Kabbalat Shabbat Service (18:00)
    * Kids’ Club Activities (18:00)
  • Saturday 13 May:
    *Cheder (8:30)
    *Torah breakfast (8:45)
    *Shabbat Morning
    Service (10:00)
    *NO Kids’ Club; children invited to join Cheder children for Lag B’Omer activity
  • Sunday 14 May:
    Rhona Rosettenstein Memorial Service (11:00)
Torah Study at Bet David

Our Torah Study group meets every Saturday morning at 8.45. Usually, we discuss the weekly Torah portion. It is an open group where each and everyone is welcomed, not only to join, but also to take part in the discussion, to ask questions, or to raise a difficulty they have with the text of the Torah. You don’t need to know Hebrew, you don’t need to be an expert of the Torah. If you can’t make it on a regular basis, no problem. Just come when you can.

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