Shabbat Ha’azinu and Sukkot @ Bet David

We thank all of our congregants, friends and guests for joining us over the High Holy Days, and we are looking forward to welcoming many of you again in the coming days of Shabbat and Sukkot.

Cheri and Weitzman Somekh invite you to join the Bar Mitzvah of their son, Ariel, this coming Shabbat (12 October).

 Shabbat Ha’azinu and Sukkot

Friday 11 October
Kabbalat Shabbat Service (18h00)
Saturday 12 October
Shabbat morning service (09h30)
Bar Mitzvah of Ariel Somekh followed by a Brocha

Sunday 13 October
Sukkah Decorating – all children welcome (09h30)
Erev Sukkot Festival Service (18h00)

Monday 14 October
Sukkot Morning Service (09h30)
followed by a Bracha in the Sukkah

 Bet David has its own Sukkah and all congregants are invited to use at any time during the festival.

Please join us for the Bar Mitzvah of Ariel Somekh on Shabbat Ha‘azinu

My name is Ariel Somekh. I was born on  3 October.  My favourite sports to play are tennis, soccer and cricket. I love to watch sports with my Dad, and I support Liverpool Football Club. My hobbies are playing video games and studying. I have one pet and his name is Gucci. He is a German schnauzer. I go to Crawford Sandton and next year I am moving to Redhill. This year is my barmi year and my barmi is on the 12 of October.  I have had a pretty awesome year.  I was fortunate to go to Israel in June with my family from Los Angeles. My cousin and I celebrated our barmis together at the Kotel. I am very excited because my family from Israel are coming to my Bar Mitzvah.


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