Shabbat Ki Teitzei @ Bet David

This Saturday we have the pleasure to celebrate two special birthdays in our congregation; Jenny Rauner‘s 80th  and Mendel Levine‘s 90th. Mazal Tov to them both! Please join them for the brocha after the Shacharit service on Saturday morning.

L‘chaim this Friday night!

Please join Monica and Steven for a Triple D L‘chaim: Dainty Delights, Drinks and Donuts after the service this Friday night. We look forward to seeing you all there.

  • Friday 1 September:
    *Kabbalat Shabbat Service (18:00) followed by a l’chaim.
    *Kids’ Club (18:00)
  • Saturday 2 September:
    *Cheder (8:30)
    *Torah Breakfast (8:45)
    *Shabbat Morning Service (10:00)
    *Youth service & activities (10:00)

Please ensure your orders for the High Holy Days are in by Monday 11 September for pick up on Friday 15 September. Orders can be placed with Sharon on 011 783 7117.



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