Shabbat Ki Tisa at Bet David

Thursday 21 February
Cheder (17:00); ITJ (18:30)

Friday 22 February
Join us for our Kabbalat Shabbat service this Friday evening at 18.00, followed by a L‘chaim in the gallery sponsored by Larry and Bianca Shakinovsky.
The service includes the birthday blessings for the February celebrants.

Saturday 23 February
We‘d like to welcome you to our Breakfast Shiur at 8:45 and our service at 10:00 this Saturday morning. The service is followed by a brocha sponsored by Savvas & Davina Xenophontos, Glenda Nowitz, Perrin De Gouveia and the Gaddin, De Gouveia, and Nowitz families.

This week, children can look forward to learning a new Hebrew letter, and to a fun way to learn about this week‘s Parasha. Doron, from the Choir, will be joining us on Saturday to teach us a song!

Shabbat Shalom

Ve shinantam le vaneicha: Impress them upon your children—Making kiddush is also a teaching opportunity

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