Shabbat Mas’ei @ Bet David

Please join us this Shabbat when we celebrate the BarMitzwah of Aiden Milner. Aiden will lead the service with Rabbi Schell on Friday and Saturday.

Friday 05 August
18.00 Kabbalat Shabbat;
18.00 Youth Activities with Kendyll (Youth Centre)

Saturday 06 August
08.30 Cheder;
08.45 Torah Breakfast
with Rabbi Schell;
10.00 Shabbat Morning Service includes the Bar Mitzvah of Aiden Milner. 
The service is followed by a brachah in Aiden’s honour sponsored by his parents, Eric and Antoinette Milner;
10.00 Children’s Service and Activities with NETZER

Image (127)Aiden Milner – Bar Mitzvah
My name is Aiden Ilan Milner, born 29 July 2003 and I am in grade 7 at King David Victory Park.  I enjoy playing tennis and golf and spending quality time with my family and friends.  I love Roman history as well as other military history and my Dad and I have spent many hours discussing this interesting topic.   I also like overseas travelling with my Mom and Dad.

For my Bar Mitzvah project, I chose to raise funds for the S.A. Guide Dogs Association and I raised enough funds to sponsor three guide dog puppies for a year (right).  The build up to my Bar Mitzvah has been challenging and exciting and I am looking forward to 6 August 2016.  I hope to make all the special people that helped me to prepare for my Bar Mitzvah proud of me.

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