Shabbat Para @ Bet David

Purim Shpiel of the ITJ class. Such fun!

Shabbat Para at Bet David

Friday 29 March
Join us for our Kabbalat Shabbat service this Friday evening at 18:00, followed by a L‘chaim in the gallery, kindly sponsored by Lesley Shipton for her 50th birthday celebrated on 27th March.

Saturday 30 March
We‘d like to welcome you to our Shabbat morning service at 10:00, which will be followed by a brocha in the garden. The breakfast study group meets at 8:45 before the service.

Children and Youth activities:
This Friday evening (18:00) Debbie will host the Kids’ Club with fun activities whilst Kani will hold the all-new Teens’ Club for the teenagers. Saturday @ 10:00: Kids‘ Club

 Shabbat Shalom

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