Shabbat Parah at Bet David

Please join us for the following services this weekend at Bet David:

Friday 13 March –
18.00 Kabbalat Shabbat Parah Vayakhel-Pekudei Service.
18.00 Child-care in the Youth Centre

Saturday 14 March –
08.30 Religion School (final session for Term 1);
10.00 Shabbat Morning Service followed by a b’rachah sponsored by Roger and Gail Scheuble in honour of their recent wedding anniversary and Roger’s upcoming March birthday;
10.30-11.30 Children’s Service (Youth Centre);

Sunday 15 March – 09.00–13.00 Feeding Scheme Food Collection (Pick ‘n Pay South Rd, Morningside and Hyde Park. Contact Lesley Rosenberg 0832366823 to assist.