Shabbat Parah @ Bet David

Join us for a festive Shabbat and learning this coming Friday and Saturday. During the Shabbat service we will have the Aufruf for Jacqui Sack and Dylan Gaillard.  Thank you to Roger and Gail Scheuble for sponsoring this week’s Shabbat brocha in honour of Roger’s birthday on Saturday.

  • Friday 17 March:
    *Kabbalat Shabbat Service (18:00)
    *Kids’ Club Activities (18:00)
  • Saturday 18 March:
    *Cheder (8:30)
    *Torah breakfast(8:45)
    *Shabbat Morning
    Service (10:00)
    *Youth Service & Activities (10:00)

Please note: Office will be closed Monday 20 March.

We are looking forward to seeing you this Shabbat.


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