Shabbat Shoftim @ Bet David

You are invited to join us for a very special Shabbat and to celebrate with us the Bat Mitzvah of Tinashe Simwawa this Saturday morning. The Shabbat weekend starts with our joyful Shabbat BeYachad Service on Friday at 18.00.

Shabbat BeYachad

We have found a new name for our family and all-generation‘s Kabbalat Shabbat services we hold once a month at Bet David; Shabbat BeYachad. While we won‘t change the format of the service itself, we will include more singing and all our children in the service. We‘d like to strenghten the idea that Bet David (and our services) are a home and place for everyone. BeYachad means ‘Together‘—inclusive, joined by the idea to celebrate our Jewish traditions and future.

  • Friday 25 August:
    * SHABBAT BeYACHAD Kabbalat Shabbat Service and August birthday blessings (18:00)
    *’Pizza supper follows
  • Saturday 26 August:
    *Cheder (8:30)
    *Torah Breakfast (8:45)
    *Bat Mitzvah of Tinashe Simwawa (10:00)
    *Youth service & activities (10:00)
About the Bat Mitzvah  Tinashe Simwawa

My name is Tinashe and I was born on 3 October 2003. I live in a family of 4 which consists of my parents and my brother Moshe.

The school I go to is Curro Aurora in Randburg. My favourite subjects are English and Natural Science. My favourite sports are tennis, athletics and golf.

My bat mitzvah experience has been exciting and joyous, even though it was nerveraking. My bat mitzvah project is to donate any books in good condition to Rivonia Library. My friends are funny, but also can be silly sometimes. But its worth being around them everyday because they make me happy. I used to have a chihuahua called Kai. My mom took him to the SPCA without me knowing and ever since that day I have hoped that he had gotten a better home.


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