Shabbat Yitro @ Bet David

 Join us for our Kabbalat Shabbat service this Friday evening at 18.00. The service includes the birthday blessing for January celebrants.

On Saturday, we celebrate with Benjamin Rosen and his parents his Bar Mitzvah as part of our festive Shacharit service at 10.00, followed by a brocha in The Middleton.

Please also join Rabbi Schell for our Breakfast Shiur before the service (at 8.45)

Kids Club and Youth Programme

This Friday we welcome all children to join us for the last Shabbat of the month with the story of Parshat Yitro followed by a colourful art activity with Debbie and Kani. For the teens, Netzer has planned a fun-packed activity and riveting discussion, the first of many throughout the year.

Our Saturday begins with a lovely Morning Service followed by an exciting game of Jewish 30 Seconds. So bring your thinking caps!

Shabbat Shalom

Benjamin Rosen—Bar Mitzvah

Hello, my name is Benjamin Rosen and this weekend it is finally my Bar Mitzvah. I am in Grade 7 at King Edward Preparatory School. My favourite sport is soccer, and I enjoy cricket and swimming too.  In my free time I like to play soccer and kick the ball around with my dog Sammy. I also enjoy online gaming with my friends, time permitting. For my Bar Mitzvah project I adopted a dog and donated money and food to the SPCA.

My portion’s name is called Yitro. It is about the Israelites gathering at Mount Sinai when God gives them the Ten Commandments. It is important that God gave us these commandments because without them, we would have nothing to guide us morally.


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