Shabbat Yitro @ Bet David

Dear Congregants and Friends,

This Shabbat we welcome new Jews by choice into our holy covenant by passing the Torah down to them. Please join them on Saturday morning for this festive moment in their lives.

Brett Steingo invites you to a the first talk of an open series about Jewish Spirituality, also this Saturday, after the service at around 12h30.

Thursday 13 February
No Cheder – ITJ (18:30)

Friday 14 February
* Kabbalat Shabbat Service (18h00)
* Children & Youth Activities (18h00)

Saturday 15 February
* Shabbat morning service  (09h30)
followed by a Brocha sponsored by Clive Hall, Craig Allenby, Elisa & Carla Gianchino and Michelle & Saul Margolis
* Youth Activities (09h30)
* Shabbat Talk with Brett Steingo (12h15 for 12h30)

Shabbat Shalom

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