Some thoughts and a blessing for 2020

Chaverim Yakarim —Dear Friends

The year 2019 is coming to an end, and while we traditionally use the High Holy Days to look back on a year at its close, I invite you to do so now, one more time. The year began with hopes; hopes for freedom, success and growth. Some of these came to fruition, while others have to be carried forward to the coming year.

On many levels, political, for the Shul and in our private lives there were changes, big and small in 2019. It is not a platitude to say that life is full of changes and that changes in general are important to enable us to move on, but once again, with most of them, we will only see in 2020 how much they will have impacted our lives, and whether they were for the better or the worse.

Several times, 2019 broke our hearts; when we had to say good-bye to wonderful life companions, when crime and hate challenged us, and when we witnessed that suffering has not diminished, but increased the last 12 months. On the other hand, we also shed tears of joy; seeing our children growing up, new children born into this world, new love emerging and friendships growing into strong bonds of solidarity. These moments of happiness, warmth and triumph are the ones we should take with us as we enter 2020.

The coming year will again be a year with ups and downs. Who knows if we will see load shedding stage 8 or 10, Brexit happening or not, new governments, or the same old same old. In any case, 2020 will bring this unknown mixture of changes and challenges, joy and hope. Whatever will be, Bet David is here at your side, conquering with you a new decade.

May this new year and this new decade be a little bit better, a little bit more joyful, and may you be blessed with health and happiness—today—tomorrow— always.

May God bless you all—

Happy 2020

Rabbi Adrian M Schell

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