Introduction To Judaism 2017 (Conversion Classes):
The next intake for the ITJ course for 2017 commences on 4 May 2017. If you would like to start the conversion, please arrange to meet the Rabbi via Glynnis( /
011 783 7117)

Becoming a Jew involves becoming part of a people. Like all nations the Jewish People has its own culture and civilisation, comprising religion, language, cuisine, art forms and other facets of life. Completion of Bet David’s Jews-by-choice programme is the first step to becoming a Jew. Our Congregation’s Jews-by-Choice Programme gives instruction in the basic belief system and practise of Judaism, from a Progressive, liberal point of view, as well as a basic command of the Hebrew language for the purposes of following the prayer service. The course is recognised by the South African Union of Progressive Judaism and therefore by the World Union of Progressive Judaism (the largest organised Jewish body in the world). It runs for a minimum of a twelve-month period, enabling you to experience the full festival cycle, and to become acculturated into the Jewish People. This process will be enhanced by your active participation in all congregational activities.  The more you participate, the more you will gain from the programme and a positive approach to your studies and congregational life during the year ahead will better prepare you for your future involvement in our congregation and as a member of the Jewish people; since becoming Jewish is more than just an accumulation of factual knowledge but rather a complete way of life.

Choosing Judaism is a highly personal journey and not bound by a time frame, but when a student is ready to join the faith, he or she comes before a Rabbinic Beit Din. Please contact Rabbi Schell for further information.