Sukkot at Bet David


we invite you to celebrate Sukkot with us and our sister congregation Beit Emanuel.

* Wednesday 4 October:
Erev Sukkot Service (18:00)

* Thursday 5 October:
Sukkot Festival Morning service at Beit Emanuel (9:30)

* Friday 6 October:
Kabbalat Shabbat Service (18:00) and Kids’ Club (18:00)

* Saturday 7 October:
Cheder (8:30)
Torah Breakfast (8:45)
Shabbat Chol haMoed morning service (10:00)
Simchat Torah flag making for the competition on Wed 11 Oct (10:00)

Mo’adim le Simcha – Wishing you a joyful time

Sukkot Sameach

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