The new High Holy Day Prayerbooks have arrived!

We are excited to announce that the new Machzorim are at Bet David and ready for collection / to be purchased.

Our new High Holy Day prayerbook is a set of two books, one for Rosh HaShanah and one for Yom Kippur. While they keep many of our old traditions and prayers that have always accompanied us so well through the Days of Awe, new translations, poems, text and carefully considered amendments to Hebrew were added to open new doors to spiritually uplifting services.

We will use the new Machzorim exclusively during in the upcoming High Holy Days and you will need your own copies.

You can buy your set(s) from the office during office hours. Please note that currently only cash payments or advance EFT payments are possible. Please send your order and proof of payment to The set price is R700.

If you pre-ordered your set(s) you can fetch them from the office any time. If you have spare copies of the old Gate of Repentance, please consider donating them to our sister congregations. You can bring them to us for distribution.

Finally, please consider donating one or two sets to Bet David to be loaned to guests on the day. We will acknowledge your donation with a book-plate. Thank you.

Learn more about our new High Holy Day prayer book and how you can order your personal set at:


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