The vulnerability of our own existence


At no other time of the year are we more exposed to the vulnerability of our own existence in this world as we are during in this season of the High Holy Days. It seems that our holy texts paint an image where we are unimportant figures in a game far bigger than us. But, looking closer, we see messages of hope and encouragement, love and an outstretched hand, inviting us to become active partners in God’s plan to heal the world, and to leave our footprint in a world redeemed.  

Shabbat Shalom—Rabbi Adrian M Schell

Our days —

Like the grass of the field,

like flowers in the meadow

vanish in a momentary gust of wind,

gone, never to be seen again.

But God’s love is infinite

and with us forever.

God’s goodness reaches far

into the future —

This is the gift of the covenant.

Psalm 103:15–18
Quote: Mishkan HaNefesh: Yom Kippur:
Machzor for the Days  of Awe (Page 546).

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