Updated information re the Corona Virus and Weekly Bulletin for Shabbat Parah (13-14 March 2020)

Dear Congregants,

There is consensus around one fact regarding COVID-19: we are in an evolving situation. Some experts now encourage social distancing – avoiding large group gatherings and situations where there is risk of spreading the virus.

Jewish tradition teaches Kol Yisrael arevim zeh bazeh , that the community of Israel is responsible for one another. By extension, as citizens of the larger world, we are responsible for our neighbours and fellow citizens as well.

At Bet David we will do our part to avoid the spread of this virus, which means modifying some of our routines, and remaining ready to make further modifications. We are all responsible for one another.  

Consistent with this teaching, below is information regarding changes to our routines effective immediately and continuing through Saturday, March 28. We are grateful for our culture of profound connections and are saddened that we cannot nurture those connections in person as we begin to limit physical presence and interactions and implement temporary interruptions to our interactions.

At this point we are continuing with our Shabbat evening and morning services, ITJ, cheder, appointments with the rabbi, and life cycle events. However, we have suspended the brochas after the Shabbat morning service for now.

For Shabbat services, please arrive just before the service starts to limit assembling as a large group. Our new practice is to replace handshakes and hugs with elbow bumps and warm smiles.

Regarding events beyond March 28, information will be provided as the situation continues to evolve. We support you in your decisions regarding how you choose to engage with our community at this time.

Most importantly, if you demonstrate any symptoms, if you are at risk of carrying the virus, or if you or anyone with whom you have been in close contact has a suspected case of COVID-19, please do not visit Bet David.

We look forward to resuming our many in-person activities as quickly as possible.

L’Shalom ,  
Rabbi Adrian M Schell

Shabbat Parah

Dear Congregants,

When times are challenging and stormy, it is good to know that your Congregation is here for you, a safe place where you can take a break from life‘s turbulences. We are here for you with uplifting and joyful services —
join us this Shabbat.

Shabbat Shalom

Thursday 12 March
Cheder (17h00) – ITJ (18:30)

Friday 13 March
* Kabbalat Shabbat Service (18h00)
* Children & Youth Activities (18h00)

Saturday 14 March
* Shabbat morning service  (09h30)
* Youth Activities (09h30)
* Shabbat Talk (11h45)

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