Where You fit in

If you are a member of Johannesburg’s Jewish community and find that a Progressive interpretation of our faith resonates with you, Bet David can be your home. We are proud that our congregational family includes men and women irrespective of age, marital or family status, faith tradition of origin, or financial means. We welcome the LGBT community, those with special needs, young professionals, and seniors. Interfaith families have a place with us as well. Ours is a sacred community predicated on the belief that meaning can be found through this—a body of individuals dedicated to a Progressive Jewish life.

“My House shall be called a house of prayer for all peoples.” Isaiah 56:7

Our congregation is built upon a foundation of warm welcomes and inclusivity. Our entire array of religious, educational, social and community service programming—as well as every individual member of Bet David—is integral to our achieving our prophetic goal: The daily improvement of our world by making all feel valued and making all our encounters with one another significant. This is the nature of Bet David.

It does not matter if you or your family trace your association with Johannesburg’s Progressive movement over many generations, just recently heard of our congregation and want to learn more, or you are new to Johannesburg or congregational life and seek a Progressive Jewish congregation. What matters, the only thing that matters, is that you find yourself drawn to Bet David. Please take some time to familiarise yourself with our website, contact us to schedule a visit, or stop by when you are in the neighbourhood.

We would love to help you better understand where you fit in! We’ll look forward to seeing you soon!