Bet David is proud to be an all-generations congregations, providing space and services for all members of our community. And young people are a vital part of our community, and as such they deserve a special place in the congregation.  Our Family services on a Friday evening (followed by a Pizza supper), our Religion School, Netzer programs , and our youth services on a Saturday morning provide opportunities for young people to learn about themselves, our community, and Progressive Judaism.  Through programs such as youth High Holiday services, Purim carnival , Family Seders for Passover, and a number of social action events, we are able to meld Jewish fellowship with fun activities!

Oh – and while we’re on the topic – let’s not forget about having lots of fun!


For Toddlers we have activities in the Kids‘ lounge at the back of the Shul every Friday between 18:00 to 19:00 and every Shabbat morning between 10:00 and 12:00am. At the same times, we will have a programme and a little service for older kids (up to 12years) in the youth lounge.

We are looking forward to seeing many of you!

New Youth Workers for Bet David

Donna Elston
Kananelo Thobakgale
Thandi Nhlapo






Thandi is studying for a Bachelor of Science degree at the University of the Witwatersrand and her aim is to complete her undergraduate studies – majoring in Genetics and Zoology. Thereafter, she hopes to undertake some post-graduate studies and/or an internship overseas. Her hobbies include horse-riding, football and guitar playing. She is also part of the Netzer leadership body of 2018.

Kani is widely liked by his peers for his dedication and charming personality. He is a model and fashion designer and has recently started up his own fashion line with a friend – aspiring to show the world his ART. His hobbies include football, all forms of art and being the life of the party. He is also currently part of the Netzer leadership body of 2018.

Donna is 19 and she loves kids (she is the oldest of five siblings). She looks forward to getting to know all the kids and teaching them all about being Jewish and having fun with all sorts of activities.

You can get in touch with Thandi, Kani and Donna via email:


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