Adult learning:

Handouts of past Shiurim:

The Prayers of the High Holy Days:

Rosh HaShanah-Handout
* Yom Kippur-Handout
Handout Rituals

The Prayers of our Siddur
1 Handout – Basic elements of the Synagogue Service
The Amidah
2 Handout – Basic elements of the Amidah
3 Handout – Amidah II Blessings 2-3
4 Handout – Amidah IIa Blessings 2-3
5 Handout – Amidah III Kedusha
6 Handout – Amidah IV Blessings of Petition I
7 Handout – Amidah V Blessings of Petition 2
8 Handout – Amidah VI Blessings of Petition 3
9 Handout – Amidah VII Shabbat and the concluding blessings
Sh’ma and its prayers
10 Basic Elements of the Sh’ma and its prayers
11 Blessing before the Sh’ma – Evening
12 Blessing before the Sh’ma (Morning)
13 The Sh’ma I
ITJ and other shiurim
Handout – Beatitudes of Jesus in Jewish understanding

Who is a Jew (ITJ Temple Israel)
The Sabbath (ITJ Temple Israel)
Jewish Life Cycle 1 (ITJ Temple Israel)

Bar / Bat Mitzvah materials:

Shmah Israel with tropes:

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